TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO

TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO is a complete heat-weldable single-ply roofing product line that can be either mechanically attached or fully adhered and provides extreme flexibility and long-term durability.

WeatherBond TPO also offers:

  • ENERGY STAR® qualification.
  • Industry-leading weathering package affords superb resistance to UV exposure.
  • Complete line of heat-weldable prefabricated accessories.

Membrane Benefits

TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO membranes are enhanced with WeatherBond’s OctaGuard XT™ Weathering Package resulting in the most dependable, long-term performance characteristics in the industry. TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO membranes carry the ENERGY STAR®* qualification, which exceeds the stringent program guidelines based upon solar reflection and heat emittance. Additionally, TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO is listed as a CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) certified product that meets Title 24 mandates for the state of California.

TopSpec® by WeatherBond’s ENERGY STAR-qualified TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO membranes with their high reflectivity ratings help reduce the amount of energy required to maintain cool building environments. Less energy consumed reduces pollutants generated into the atmosphere, (reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect) and results in a cleaner, cooler environment.

Membrane Flexibility

TPO polymer is flexible in its original state, prior to being converted to a membrane. This natural flexibility is maintained as the TPO membrane is exposed to extreme heat and UV. Also, this sheeting easily accommodates a building’s normal expansion and contraction.

Chemical Resistance

TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO membrane is highly chemical and contaminant resistant. Most liquids and chemicals exhausted onto the roof have no effect on the membrane.

Fire Resistance

TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO roofing systems meets UL 790 requirements for external fire Class A ratings and UL P assemblies for internal, hourly fire ratings. Consult the UL Building Material Directory for specific assemblies.

Wind Resistance

TopSpec® by WeatherBond TPO roofing has surpassed many of Factory Mutual’s wind resistance classification, which consist of the most stringent standards in the industry.

Important Information

TPO Documents
Installation Instructions

WeatherBond offers customers peace of mind with its industry-leading Limited Lifetime warranty.  Simply complete the WeatherBond warranty form, submit with a copy of the bill of sale or invoice and rest assured that WeatherBond will have you covered.